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SO... you are interested in joining a FUN group of Jimmy Buffet, music loving, community servicing people who love to "Party with a Purpose"? 

  • You are at the right place, and it's easy to become a member.
  • Cost:  $20 per person or $40 per family - per year end in December
  • The basic information is needed by the Leaders for each Member:






Best Email: 

Best Phone number:

Best Birthdate::

Send this information to our President Richard -

Payment arrangements then may be made to our Treasurer  - CASH, Check or Mobile debit/CC.

Ask about the benefits being an Active members - Service to the community throughout the year, Monthly gatherings AND....Yepper - first dibs on Buffet Concert Tickets!!  Yahoo!

Left Coast Parrot Heads       
Ventura County

Left Coast Parrot Heads Ventura County